Padenghe sul Garda

Discovering the Territory

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The Padenghe Castle, the oldest castle in Valtenesi, rises from the top of a hill, overlooking Lake Garda. It seems to have been built around the year one thousand for defensive purposes, then over time the castle has also become an important center of jurisdiction and has undergone several changes.

Initially the walls that enclosed the small inhabited center were erected. Towards the north west there were two small towers and on the sides two more powerful ones. Later what is called “Il Castellino” was added with the circular tower to the north incorporated. Finally, the central entrance tower to the Castle was erected, again with a drawbridge and moat. Federico I Barbarossa recognized the Castle as a possession of the Bishop of Verona in 1154, but in the following century, it became the property of the municipality of Padenghe.

Today the Castle has kept its structure rather intact, which has three towers, one of which is over twenty meters high and is placed above the entrance.

The small village that remains to be seen in fact still preserves its original structure, with houses made of stone, alleys in river cobbles, doors and windows with low arches and frames in rough brick.

The houses that were squeezed between the inner walls of the castle were lined up in three parallel rows. Near the Castle stands the Church of San Emiliano.

The Church of S. Emiliano, dates back to the 12th century and is located near the Padenghe Castle. It consists of a single room with a semicircular apse from the 12th century. It underwent transformations in the Baroque era.

Parish of Santa Maria of Padenghe was built at the end of the 17th century. For all those who love culture, it is one of the destinations that deserve to be visited. Inside there are paintings by Zeno Veronese such as the Madonna and Child with saints and other sculptures belonging to Antonio Callegari and Beniamino Simoni.

Villa Barbieri is one of the monumental constructions of Padenghe with its rustic style facade dating back to the 18th century. Today it is owned by the municipality of Padenghe and is the seat of the town hall

The Museum of Labor of Padenghe sul Garda has a collection of about seven thousand pieces from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries recovered by Gianfranco and Giovanbattista Zuliani. The collection of all the objects contained in this exhibition began in the eighties, while the initial arrangement began in 1995. Inside it is possible to see: ancient machinery working with the power of water, the reconstructions of daily peasant life of the 30s , from a blacksmith’s shop, with hand skewers and various types of polentiere

The fabulous territory of Padenghe sul Garda