Moniga del Garda

Discovering the Territory

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The most interesting civil building is undoubtedly the Villa Bruna-Molmenti , now owned by the Bertanzi family, built in the 1600s, which still retains its style intact. Worth seeing is the portico with nine spans, with ashlar pillars and the frescoes in the lunettes of the portico. It is located in the center of the town, surrounded by the green of centuries-old trees and is remembered because Senator Pompeo Molmenti, a native of Venice, lived there when he married Amalia Brunati, from a noble Salodiana family. The original Chiaretto winemaking technique is attributed to him towards the end of the nineteenth century.

The Castle is a rectangular monument, with circular towers at the corners, a quadrangular tower at the entrance. It still partially preserves the crenellated walls, the entrance is interesting, in front of which you can imagine a moat and the drawbridge. It is one of the best preserved in your area, inside there are houses in parallel rows, still inhabited by some families today. The ancient keep of the castle has become the bell tower of the nearby church and the land of the hill that surrounds it has been transformed into a welcoming public park.

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The church of the Madonna della Neve is this small Romanesque church is also called Church of San Michele from the name of the place where it is located, it is usually closed to worship and used as a church of the cemetery in which it is located. Its name refers to the miracle that took place in Rome, on the Esquiline Hill, on 5 August of the year 352.

The parish church dedicated to San Martino , begun in the mid-fifteenth century and remodeled several times, the last of which at the end of the eighteenth century, is in Baroque style and preserves inside , five altars and some painted altarpieces.

It was originally a “chapel” and depended, like all churches in our area, from the Pieve di Santa Maria, in Manerba from which it detached in 1454, when it was consecrated and dedicated to San Martino, protector of knights, soldiers, tailors and hosts.

Above the entrance portal, a large rectangular window opens which reproduces, in the colored glass, the scene of Saint Martin giving his cloak to the beggar.

The Lungolago, a long walk by the lake in summer days comes alive with swimmers, mostly foreigners, and in the evening it offers a nice walk along the lakefront to enjoy an ice cream or a drink in one of the many outdoor bars.

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The fabulous territory of Moniga del Garda