Desenzano del Garda


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Bicycle : The Garda Bresciano and Valtenesi area offer countless possibilities for mountain bike and bicycle enthusiasts, both for professionals and for lovers of cycling. We offer a rental service or organized tours with e-bikes, to discover Lake Garda by bicycle through routes suitable for everyone, mainly on cycle paths, Morainic paths and single tracks of the Gardesano hinterland, away from chaotic roads that accompany us in the everyday life.

Thanks to the contribution of the region, the Municipality of Desenzano has created 4 “ Bike trails “, well marked on the territory, by different colors. Where possible, the routes follow a protected site; otherwise they travel on local roads with low traffic or mixed traffic. There is no obligatory starting point or a preferential route and everyone can build their own itinerary according to time, desire and… legs.

The Lungolago di Desenzano and Rivoltella is an 8 km route that crosses the entire municipal area in front of the lake, from the border with Lonato to that with Sirmione, intersecting the connections with internal routes: from the “beach of oro ”to the railway station and from Rivoltella to the countryside behind it. This allows you to close the itinerary by returning from the red ring.

The Red Ring of Centenaro extends for 19 km and passes through the towns of Centenaro and Montonale basso and areas of interest such as the pile-dwelling site of Lavagnone. It allows an easy connection with the San Martino della Battaglia area.

The route of San Martino della Battaglia is a short route of 6 km constitutes a link between the red ring, the town of San Martino and the monumental complex of the famous Risorgimento tower, alternating places of historical interest to enchanting hills planted with vineyards.

The Green Ring of Vaccarolo,

15 km long and slightly wavy, it partly overlaps with the red ring, and then develops south of the municipal area, skirting the towns of

Vaccarolo, San Bernardino and Locbustion, in a landscape dotted with farmhouses and cultivated fields.

Sailing : Desenzano Nautical Club Via A.Vespucci 10

Tennis : Desenzano Tennis Association Via Dandolo Zamboni 3 or Spiaggia d’Oro – Desenzano del Garda HORSE RIDING: Equestrian Club Spy of Italy, via Cerutti, 61 – Lonato d / G

Swimming : “G. Signori “(municipal swimming pools) Via Giotto – Desenzano del Garda GOLF: Garda Golf Country Club, Soiano del Lago -Chervò golf club San Vigilio, Pozzolengo

Karting : South Garda Karting, Lonato

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