Manerba Spiagge

In the upper part of the town, on the state road, stands the neoclassical Church of San Martino del Vantini which contains the altarpieces of the ancient parish church. Then to the north you reach the isolated Romanesque church of San Giacomo in Calì , the oldest building in Gargnano, with frescoes from the Veronese and thirteenth-century schools.

The lemon houses , tall pillars pointing to the sky, all in a row, enclosed on three sides by white stone walls, evidence of a once unique and flourishing economy, today museum relics kept alive by < strong> Alto Garda Park and by a few enthusiasts who grow lemons. The lemon houses were built to make it possible to grow citrus fruits in relatively cold climates. Around the years 1850/1855 in Gargnano about half of the lemon groves present on the whole coast were concentrated.

Not to be missed is Bogliaco, one of the most evocative hamlets of Gargnano, where it is possible to find: the Marina di Bogliaco which is a safe, welcoming private port with a strategic position, the small historic center and free beaches and the eighteenth century < strong> Villa Bettoni with its Italian Garden: a monumental garden unique in all of Lombardy that embraces a villa that combines grandeur and grace at the highest degrees, all set between the mountain peaks and the shores of Lake Garda , in one of its most beautiful stretches.

In September, the Centomiglia starts from Bogliaco, a spectacular 100-mile long regatta run by sailboats, which attracts many spectators every year.

The main attractions of Gargnano