Toscolano and Maderno are two neighbouring countries, with many things in common so to offer the best of themselves to their guests have decided to merge into one municipality. The village is part of the regional Park of Alto Garda Bresciano and the territory is divided into many hamlets: Gaino, Cecina, Vigole, Sanico, Bornico, Roina, Maclino, Pulciano, Folino, Cabiana and Stina.

The most romantic and suggestive walk starts at the entrance of the Gulf of Maderno ending at the Lido degli Ulivi. This beautiful walk, allows you to enjoy the charm of the lake and at the same time to relax and enjoy some extra cuddle.
Toscolano-Maderno boasts a beautiful and long sandy beach. It’s called Lido Azzurro and it’s the most frequented and equipped beach in the area.
In addiction here, ‘Navigazione del Garda’ provides, for the transport of cars, bus and motorbike, two ferries shuttling between Toscolano-Maderno and Torri del Benaco, this service allows to avoid the roads that in the high season are very crowded.

There are many attractions to visit here like The Valley of Paper Mill, but there also many beautiful point of view on the peak of our amazing Mountain: Mount Pizzocolo, Mount Comer, Mont Baldo.

At the end, here you can find a big variety of sports to practice on your holiday: Paraglinding, Golf, Horse Riding, Sailing, Cycling, Wind surf and Kite surf.