Salò is the "capital" of the Park Alto Garda Bresciano. Famous for the mild climate of Lake Garda, for the original vegetation of cypresses, olive trees and oleanders, is a locality of international tourism for over a hundred years. Its importance is above all historical: the city was the seat of government of the Italian Social Republic from 1943 to 1945, with the ISR often being referred to as the " Republic of Salò", also under the Venetian domination and seat of numerous ministries of the fascist government of Italian Social Republic. Traces of this prestigious past are well evident throughout a walk on the beautiful lakeside of Salò and in the elegant old town, between Piazza Carmine, the "Fossa", a long square in the middle of Salò, and the lakefront is rich on buildings of great historical and artistic value, as well as shopping opportunities.

Most of the beaches of Salò are all free and pebble beaches, located right in the Gulf in direction Portese/San Felice.
You can reach, by this point, many places and town even with a simple excursion by ferryboat.
Here you can find the Museum M.U.S.A., Madonna del Rio Church, the Cathedral and the historic centre. You can also do some amazing excursions: Monte San Bartolomeo, the path of Bassa via del Garda, the circuit of Salò – San Felice cycle and the magnificent promenade.
At the end here, you can find a big variety of sports to enjoy like Paragliding, Cycling, Tennis, Swimming in an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, Adventure Park.